Carrigabruise NS

“The Journeys” | 2018 | Carrigabruise N.S., Co. Cavan | 2.6m high x 1.35m wide | Painted Cast Aluminium and Stainless Steel

This artwork is a starting point for storytelling; with the ladder serving as an invitation to join this world of imagination and suggested themes of renewal, regeneration and growth.

The trunk of the tree contains an old map of the adjacent Lough Ramor and names all its islands.

The dandelion and the rainbow represent the awe of childhood and the simple pleasures gained from the wonders of nature. The Whooper Swan and the Heron over-winter every year on Lough Ramor and represent the sense of coming home. The boat represents the importance of friendship, community and co-operation. The school crest is interwoven within the piece.