Gael Scoil Bhaile Munna

Ceannbhrat” | 2020 | Gaelscoil Bhaile Munna |  Canopy 2.4m high x 3.8m wide x 1.82mm deep | Front Bench 7.18 m long | Back Bench 5.9m long | Galvanized  Perforated Steel, Wood

This piece was originally created as an area where the primary school pupils of the school could relax during their break time, as well as functioning as a performance and outdoor gathering area. As a result of Covid 19 restrictions the canopy and benches are now being used as an extra outdoor classroom. Artificial grass has been installed to replace the natural grassed lawn and means that it can now be used all year round.

The canopy is made from powder coated galvanized steel sheets. The image on the canopy is that of an oak tree and various woodland animals as well as the school’s motto and logo. These images were created by punching (perforating) a series of different size holes into the metal sheets of the canopy. The sun casts its shadow through the perforations and onto the seats.

The canopy has wooden seating along its length. There are two more curved benches near the canopy area all made from Accoya wood, a long life sustainable wood, and powder coated galvanised steel.