“Saothar chun saoil” – Charleville

“Saothar Chun Saoil” | 1999 | Charleville Credit Union | 8ft, 2.4m high x 900mm x 900mm | Cast Bronze

This piece standing 3m high has a number of themes running through it, the main one being that of co-operation and community spirit which is basically the ethos of the credit union.

The two cast faces in the interior of the piece represent the enthusiasm of youth and the experience of age. The water pouring from one bowl to another symbolises the passing on of knowledge from one generation to another. The water falls onto a mosaic base which is hidden from view but its reflections and ripples are reflected on the stainless steel.

The outer shape wraps around the two figures, offering protection and is shaped like the trunk of a tree. The outer surface depicts various aspects of community life and work.