“Viking Triangle Silhouettes” – Waterford

“Viking Triangle Silhouettes” | 2013 | Waterford | Enamelled Steel

Sedan Chair | 2.7m wide x 2m wide

Monk | 2.09m wide x 2.6m high

Wine Vault | 2.1m wide x 2.53m high

Viking | 1.8m wide x 2.68m high

These large vitreous enamelled steel wall panels were commissioned by Waterford City as part of the development of its historic quarter, the Viking Triangle. The resulting large irregular shaped wall panels depict four different silhouetted figures from the last 1000 years, each one representing a particular period in Waterford’s economic development; Viking, Medieval, the 17th Century and the 18/19th Century with their own museums. The colours chosen for the panels were taken from the logos of the 3 different Viking Triangle museums.