Cloonakilla NS

Shannon Tree” | 2017 | Cloonakilla NS, Athlone | 2.65m high x 2.65m wide | Painted Cast Aluminium

This work was created very much with the primary school children in mind as they enter and leave the school every day. We were inspired by childlike drawings and compositions; simple, colourful and playful.

We created a cast aluminium tree whose boughs branch out to take the shape of the River Shannon including its tributaries, the River Suck and the River Cross as well as the Royal and Grand Canals. This tree of life taking the form of river of a river and its tributaries as branches, symbolizes growth, one’s journey in life and one’s sense of place in the community.

The stylised leaves on the tree take the form of hand-painted cast aluminium discs, depicting themes from the character and spirit of Cloonakilla National School; a sense of belonging, friendship, justice, spiritual and emotional development. Local scenes of the Meehambee Dolman, Athlone Castle and the Church of St. Peter and Paul to remind you of the beautiful and historic location that you are living in.