Stonepark NS

“Gort na Cloiche” | 2020 | Stonepark NS, Longford | 6m high x 6m wide | Jesmonite, Limestone, Fossils.

This artwork made using Jesmonite plaster celebrates the growth of the school and depicts an oak tree growing out the limestone bedrock.  Its roots wrap around two limestone panels representing the solid bedrock created by the two teachers when the school opened in 1893. The tree growing and flourishing out of a stony field is a symbol for the importance and power of knowledge and learning.

The tree trunk divides into fifteen branches, representing the current amount of teachers in the school and having 125 acorns in total, celebrating and marking the school’s 125 years since its foundation. The roots are symbolic of just how rooted we are in our community and how it influences who are. We placed fossils among the root to reflect the geological nature of the limestone in the area.

There are nine different birds’ nests within the tree each representing an element of the schools mission statement; “to strive to provide an environment where each individual child will be cherished, respected and nurtured”. The birds in flight are a symbol for the children leaving the school and going out into the wider world and continuing their life-long learning to reach his or her own full potential.”