“Ag fas fos” – Dromina

Ag Fás Fós | 2002 | Dromina | Dimensions Vary | Cast Bronze, gilding metal, Munster red limestone and field stones

This sculpture symbolizes the community’s aspirations for the present and future.

Three seedlings reaching skywards, springing from the earth to grow and flourish into their divine form, to give new life, to return to the earth and begin the cycle again. This cycle of emergence, life and death takes on many forms, but it always begins with the seed, so full of hope for the future, regenerating, generation after generation. So it is with Dromina, like so many places around the globe, there is always a spirit that is planted like a seed bringing so many expectations. The seedlings are made from gilding bronze on a red limestone plinth and the base includes field and river stones.

The sculpture is surrounded by eight cast bronze panels on stone plinths continuing the theme of community life.